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Enjoy all your life moment's 
with the world's first
waterproof* hearing aid.

Phonak Audéo Life™

Phonak Audeo Life

Free trial only valid till 30 September 2022.

Life can be unexpected at times - from a sudden rainstorm, to a warmer
than usual day or even a sudden splash at the pool.

Phonak Audéo Life is for when life happens.


Waterproof* and sweatproof

Enjoy the confidence to work out at the gym, visit the beach or gardening outside without any interruption to your hearing.



Never worry about hearing aid batteries again with the convenient rechargeable capabilities.


Unrivaled sound quality**

Powered by Paradise, delivers unrivalled sound quality** to unleash an amazing hearing experience whatever the activity


Universal connectivity

Connect with friends and family while immersing yourself in the experiences that make your life unique.

Free trial only valid till 30 September 2022.

Live life with confidence, Audéo Life can handle it

Free trial only valid till 30 September 2022.

PH_Pic_lifestyle_Audeo_Fit_steps_running_4256x2832_EN_V1.00 copy.jpg

Get even more out of life 
with Audéo Fit™ that supports
health data tracking.

With a built-in heart rate sensor, Audéo Fit in combination with myPhonak app, enables you to engage with your health.

Audéo Fit and the myPhonak app give you access to:

  • Heart rate

  • Steps

  • Activity levels

  • Distance walked or ran

  • Optional goal setting


Free trial only valid till 30 September 2022.

Stay confidently connected
with our distinctive black
hearing aids.

Custom made for your ears, Virto™ Paradise 312 offers the ultimate comfort and comes with a host of powerful features to keep you confidently connected.

Free trial only valid till 30 September 2022.


Experience amazing hearing potential with Phonak hearing aid for yourself.

Register for a free trial below and our staff will contact you to arrange for a consultation appointment.
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Thank you for your interests in the free trial. Our staff will contact you to schedule a consultation appointment.


* Up to 50 cm or 1.64 feet.

** Appleton, J. (2020). AutoSense OS 4.0 - significantly less listening effort and preferred for speech intelligibility. Phonak Field Study News,

retrieved from accessed April, 2022.

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